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The phenomenon of blushing is an involuntary reaction triggered by specific events and is a physiological response. Blushing reflects genuine emotional expression. However, for many individuals, blushing can be distressing, leading to concerns about when and where it may occur. The subconscious uses blushing as a mechanism to remove us from situations it perceives as potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable, ultimately aiming to protect us. Paradoxically, this subconscious action can result in the very discomfort it seeks to prevent.

Hypnosis has the potential to deal with the original triggering event and assist in releasing the associated subconscious beliefs or responses. This, in turn, can help prevent recurrent episodes of blushing.

Hypnotherapy helps the mind to relax and will help regain confidence, enthusiasm, and motivation. 

Using hypnotherapy and a variety of therapeutic techniques combining psychotherapy with hypnotherapy renders it a successful way to identify and understand blushing disorders and behavioural traits associated with blushing. Cognitive Hypnotherapy gets to the root cause of the condition and changes the perception patterns. This form of therapy allows clients to release emotions in a supportive environment, enabling each client to move forward without carrying the burden of past blushing disorder.


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