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How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Anxiety?

5 Benefits of Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is one of the oldest medical practices for treating everything from pain and depression to managing our vices. Hypnotherapy is a technique where a person is professionally guided into a relaxed state to help achieve a specific goal.

The practice of hypnotherapy is a proven and effective way to improve both mental and physical conditions. Here are five reasons why you may want to try hypnotherapy for yourself.

o you sufferfromh anxiety? Are you unsure why or how? Anxiety is created by negative thinking and if your anxiety levels creep up it is very easy to lose intellectual control.

What does this mean? It means that you stop fully operating from the rational, intellectual part of the brain and the primitive part of the brain hijacks your thought processes and feelings. To put it more simply, the primitive part of the brain is only there to ensure your survival and is very negative. It will always see things from the worst possible perspective. This part of the brain is where depression, anxiety, OCD, addictions, fears and phobias can be found. Panic Attacks? A panic attack is caused by the primitive part of the brain believing that it is in some sort of crisis or emergency. For all the primitive side of the brain knows and believes is that you are fighting to survive. How can I stop the primitive side of the brain from hijacking the intellectual part? The answer is remarkably simple. Your brain needs to process thoughts and feelings when you go to sleep. This process is done when you access the REM phase of your sleep.


Sleeping disorders affect nearly 40% of the American population with insomnia as the second-largest mental health disorder in the country. Sleep deprivation affects how we focus and make decisions, subjects us to a lack of motivation, and leads us to a state of insomnia.

Hypnotherapy focuses on helping people with insomnia relax by letting go of the anxieties that prevent us from sleeping at night. In addition to insomnia, hypnotherapy can also be used to stop sleepwalkers from sleepwalking and in some cases create a sleep discipline that helps manage a nightly routine to prepare for sleep.

Manage your depression

Nearly one in five Americans suffer from anxiety. Research into mental health has become one of the top areas of focus in the past 20 years. As we gain deeper insight into the causes of depression from genetics in some cases to PTSD and other life experiences, the management of depression, anxiety and other mental health illnesses has become more important.

Hypnotherapy has become an effective method for managing mental health as it helps relax the mind as well as, in extreme cases, remember experiences that may have led to their trauma which is a step in overcoming or managing the anxiety surrounding that trauma.

Overcome your phobias

Much like smoking or overeating, hypnotherapy through suggestion can help people manage or overcome their phobias. More than 10% of the population will experience a significant phobia sometime in their lives. You may be afraid of hypodermic needles, driving, elevators, spiders, or heights. These are all common and luckily can be treatable through hypnotherapy.

The way it works is by detaching the phobia from your emotional response and then creating a more reasonable response.

Manage your pain

The mind is the most interesting part of the body and one of the best examples is how we use hypnotherapy to control pain. Pain management through hypnotherapy can be so effective that it is often considered equivalent to other medical treatments for acute and chronic pain.

In addition to chronic and acute pain, many people don’t realize that pain is often attributed to stress and anxiety which are commonly treated with meditation and hypnotherapy.

While not everyone is a prime candidate for hypnotherapy, research studies have shown that it is an excellent way to treat and manage many of the mental and physical stresses we have in life and often control our lives. If you find yourself struggling to achieve wellness, hypnotherapy may be the answer for you.


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