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Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

The term ‘psychotherapy’ covers a range of approaches and methods. These range from one-to-one talking sessions to therapies that use integrative approach using both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to help explore emotions and psychological problems. Psychotherapy can also be provided for adolescents and children as well as adults. This integrative approach uses both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy is used for discovering the root cause of psychological problems. There are a variety of applications within Hypno-psychotherapy and the strategies used will differ, depending on the client’s circumstance.

Hypno-psychotherapy operates under an integrative model, psychotherapy  (such as psychoanalysis, and cognitive behavioural therapy, is a form of technique that highlights the importance of self-awareness in how we feel and behave, neuro-linguistic programming, Gestalt therapy or counselling techniques)  The techniques used in Hypno-psychotherapy are well-established, powerful and often rapidly effective, but will always be adapted to suit the individual client. The nature of hypnosis is that draws on the very unique subconscious of the client to use and enhance the resources that the client already has. This form of therapy allows clients to release emotions in a supportive environment, enabling each client to move forward without carrying the burden of past traumas. The number of sessions required depends entirely on the individual and the nature of the problem.


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