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8 Ways to Enjoy City Life

City life isn’t always easy. Growing up, living, working and even visiting a global city like London can be everything from exhilarating to intimidating.

Living in a busy city can have negative effect on stress and well-being with issues such as crime and aggression, overcrowding, antisocial behaviour, loneliness, depression and social anxiety.

On the flip side many people thrive in an urban environment. The thrill of living in the city can lead to pro-social behaviour, altruism, opportunities to socialise, explore and have adventures, career opportunities and the potential to be more successful.

You see, it all depends on which way you choose to look at your life and the environment you live in.

It’s a well-known fact, although not fully understood, that being near or around nature lifts our spirits. Nature sounds, smells and scenes reduces anger, fear and stress and releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel good hormone.

Exposure to nature contributes to physical well-being by reducing blood pressure, lowering the heart rate, releases muscle tension and the production of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Some scientists say being close to nature may even reduce mortality. Research has shown that even a simple plant in a room can have a positive impact on stress and anxiety.

Today many of us suffer with “Nature deprivation” and city life contributes to that.

Spending hours commuting on crowded transport systems, living in and surrounded by skyscrapers and tower blocks, hours spent in the office in front of computer screens, heads bowed into cell phones, children eyes fixated on their phones, IPads and video games are now associated, unsurprisingly, with depression and anxiety.

Many of the big property developers today are aware of the need for people to find space in the city to wind down, relax in beautiful surroundings and reconnect. Consequently we now see residential developments focused on providing social areas, zen-like properties that provide exactly this. Developers are including wellness amenities with features woven into the building’s design from acoustics, layout, colours and natural light to ‘community focused’ shared areas to facilitate socialising, learning or keeping body and mind in shape. Many wellness areas include events and meeting rooms, gyms, libraries, bars, restaurants, roof terraces and landscaped gardens.

So what can you do if you live in the city but not in a tree lined street or a residential metropolis?

  1. Open your curtains, blinds and windows. Sunlight is a natural anti-depressant and aids to better quality sleep. Even if you happen to be living in a city that never sleeps!

  2. Go to the park. There are 8 Royal parks in London and many other public parks in and around. You can go for a jog a run or a stroll and if only for a few moments, forget that you live in a big city.

  3. Smells affect our mood. Even though pollution levels in a big city can be toxic, the atmosphere in your home can be clean and detoxifying. Incense, oil diffusers, candles or essential oil is all it takes to completely transform the atmosphere at home and transport the senses too far-off places.

  4. Meditation, like hypnosis, is one of the simplest ways to regain inner peace in the city. Just 10 minutes a day can completely transform your life. The difference between meditation and hypnosis is that meditation is self-induced whereas hypnosis is induced by another person. Either way, it can be uplifting and transformational.

  5. Play music or nature sounds while on the move or taking a coffee tea or lunch break. Playing music or listening to sounds of nature while at home will unwind you within a few that tap into the subconscious mind and restore a sense of peace perfectly.

  6. Colourful food. Buy more fresh fruit and veg and have it on show in your kitchen and eat it!

  7. If you have a balcony or a garden plant seeds!

  8. Use your imagination. The imagery of nature can create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Frame and display photos of your holidays and travels, and display them on your PC laptop, phone or tablet so that you see these wonderful visions regularly. Buy art that depicts nature and hang it around the home in beautiful frames.

There are so many ways to help connect ourselves to nature, no matter where we live on this beautiful planet and thus enjoy city life.


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