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7 Psychological Facts About Your Mind

The most effective weapon we have at our disposal for achieving success at all levels in life, is our mind. Our thoughts affect our physical and mental health as well as who we are today and who we will become in the future.

We can think positive thoughts or negative thoughts, realistic or idealist thoughts. Some thoughts come and go so quickly they’re immediately dismissed and forgotten, others take root and they’re the ones, that will ultimately define us.

There is still so much to learn about our brains, our conscious and unconscious, but here are 7 things you may not have known about your marvellous mind.

  1. Your brain and your mind are separate entities. That said, they are also inseparable. Your mind uses your brain and your brain responds to your mind. Your brain is a physical object. Your mind is energy.

  2. Pain is in the brain. Although pain is processed through the brain, the brain itself has no pain receptors. Your brain creates the sensations in your body and your mind (the way you think about it and perceive it) can either turn the volume up by paying attention to it, or turn it down by not focusing on it.

  3. Your mind can cause pain in the body without a physical source. This is known as psychogenic pain.

  4. Your mind can rewire your brain. When you break a habit, or change the way you think, new neural pathways are formed as a result of these new thoughts and behaviours. With a small shift in perspective, your brain literally begins to rewire itself.

  5. You can exercise your body with your mind. Using simple and consistent visualisation techniques, you can visualise an exercise and your body will respond as if you were actually doing it. Strange as it may seem, the mind doesn’t differentiate between something that’s

real and something that’s imagined. For any armchair exercisers out there, you will probably have to throw in a bit of physical work as well if you want to see more tangible results.

  1. You can learn to play the piano (or any other instrument for that matter) with the power of your mind. Of course it would be useful to have seen the instrument and have at least some understanding of how it works, but with continual mental rehearsal you can learn to play. Good news for air guitarists.

  2. Hypnosis can help you to change your mind. Hypnosis is a change in awareness that allows you to access your deepest feelings, perceptions, and beliefs, aka your subconscious. Under the guidance of a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, you can change your thought patterns, break bad habits and form better ones.

These are just 7 facts about your mind, but there is so much more, known and unknown.

We are really only just beginning to understand and use the power of our mind.


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