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5 Ways to Overcome A Fear of Being Judged

Are you looking for ways to cope with a fear of being judged?

If so help at hand with hypnotherapy.

In today’s society with the growth of social media, the fear of being judged is increasing massively. In addition, manifests as social anxiety or social phobia disorder.

Signs of fear of judgement

Are you suffering anxiety around being judged? As well as feeling criticised by others? Is this leading to embarrassment, humiliation, and depression?

Furthermore experiencing sweating, heart racing, breathlessness, panic, trembling, blushing, dry mouth – anything usually associated with high-stress situations.

Ways of overcoming fear of being judged

Trigger Avoidance

Whilst offering short term relief, avoiding situations is not useful for creating a happy life. Moreover, symptoms often worsen when facing the situation once again.

Distraction Techniques

Relaxation and distraction techniques are helpful in decreasing some anxiety symptoms. Mindfulness is also useful for spotting signs of anxiety before your symptoms are becoming out of control. Giving time for removing yourself from a stressful situation.


Exposing yourself to a fearful situation is a way of overcoming this fear. Make an action plan of challenges and work through these steps gradually. This is useful in situations such as meeting new people or attending social events.

If you’re having difficulties success is more likely by addressing the underlying cause first.

Identifying and Changing Negative Thoughts

One way of conquering social anxiety is by identifying false or negative thoughts. Instead replacing them with rational, positive beliefs. Are you worried

about what other people are thinking? Or assuming the worst? Or perhaps assuming that everyone is negatively focusing on you? These are all examples of damaging thought processes.

Recognising these in yourself is a key step towards change.

Long Term Solutions

Unfortunately although helpful none of the above is useful in resolving the original cause of the social phobia. In short, even by avoiding stressful situations for a while, the anticipation and fear of an attack will always be there.

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Being Judged

In conclusion, hypnotherapy is helpful in uncovering what’s causing your fears. As well as gaining long-term freedom from your symptoms. And by addressing your unconscious fears, hypnotherapy is perfectly placed. I’m finding that hypnotherapy is the best way to treat issues such as this. If you’d like to learn more, please do get in touch.


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