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5 Ways Clinical Hypnotherapy Can Improve Your Performance At Work

Directors, executives and entrepreneurs have used hypnotherapy for performance development for years. Recently, hypnotherapy has become much more mainstream and we are all realising how helpful this treatment can be. Everything from stress, confidence and motivation can be improved effectively with just a few sessions.

Presentation Skills

Many of us need to present or speak whilst at work. Whether it’s a handful of people in a meeting room or a full conference delegation, nerves are extremely common. Get ahead of colleagues by improving your public speaking skills and establishing newfound confidence in communication.

Stress Reduction

More and more people are coming to me for help with stress. It’s easier to treat when caught early so it’s worth giving hypnotherapy a try as soon as you start to feel the strain. Symptoms might include feeling overwhelmed, fatigue, weight changes, disturbed sleep, anxiety and panic.

Stress can severely affect your performance at work if left untreated. Hypnotherapy can help you regain control, build resilience and learn new techniques to manage stressful situations.

Confidence Building

Hypnotherapy is effective at treating confidence issues because it gets to the root of the problem to instigate real, long-lasting behaviour change. I can help you feel more positive, relaxed and self-assured which is sure to help you progress in your career.


Motivation is the key to achieving more. I help my patients gain control, break old negative patterns and habits, become more focused, feel more fulfilled and reach their goals.

Peak Performance

We all want to perform well at work but stuck with our own established methods, attitudes and perspectives, it can be hard to make changes. I help clients with all aspects of their professional performance – time management, control, overcoming fear and risk aversion.

Clinical hypnotherapy is one of the few proven ways to change deep-set attitudes and trigger new behaviours.


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