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5 Reasons why Self-hypnosis is a Smart Move To de-stress Mind

Self-hypnosis is something everyone can benefit from learning.

A natural state of mind you can gently drift into, self-hypnosis is akin to the total absorption you have when you watch a film or read a book you can’t put down. You are totally in the story.

Once you relax your mind and body deeply and settle into a hypnotic mindset, you can choose to focus on a particular idea. You become completely absorbed in your experience.

No distractions. No interruptions. No parasite thoughts.

How can I learn it?

You can learn self-hypnosis during your sessions with your hypnotherapist or alone. You usually have an audio recording to guide you through the process.

When you practice self-hypnosis between hypnotherapy sessions, you’ll make faster progress for the challenge you’re seeking treatment for.

Bonus: you learn a coping tool for life!

The words you say to yourself create your reality.

What are the benefits of self-hypnosis?

  • You train your mind to relax and focus deeply. You think, feel and imagine along with your suggestions.

  • You develop your inner resilience.

  • You learn to manage your mind.

  • You develop self-management and self-care.

  • You use a little more of the huge capacity your mind and imagination has.

  • You become more self-aware.

What can I use self-hypnosis for?

1. To strengthen confidence and self-belief

This is such a great reason: the words you say to yourself create your reality.

Read that again!

When you’re in a hypnotic mindset and hear positive, affirming vibrant words, they let themselves into your mind and stay there.

These words will carry you, lift you and help you. Imagine this as a beautiful hot air balloon showing you what is possible. You no longer have to accept being dragged down by the ball and chain of self-doubt and self-sabotaging thoughts.

Your new actions will attest to your greater resilience and freedom. Strengthening self-confidence is one of the cornerstones of all hypnotherapy treatments - if you believe you can do it, you will do it!

2. To de-stress mind and body

Hypnosis lets you fall into an incredibly deep, calm, and serene state both mentally and physically, The benefits of relaxation are multiple:

  1. Muscles relax and lengthen, you release tension.

  2. Breathing becomes more regular and deeper.

  3. Blood pressure goes down.

  4. Heart rate goes down.

  5. The digestive, reproductive and immune system resumes and restores.

  6. Concentration increases.

  7. Physical tremors reduce.

  8. Body temperature reduces.

  9. Headaches, chest pains, muscle pain, back pain reduces or disappear.

  10. Your mind calms.

In a nutshell, you allow yourself the time and space to recharge.

3. To overcome specific fears or phobias When you have a fear or phobia, the fear of your fear reaction is at the heart of the matter, more than the object/situation/animal itself. Learn to master your fear reaction and your fear will disappear. How? By learning to self-regulate your thoughts and emotions using self-hypnosis. You discover that you can control yourself and that you are in charge of your mind.

4. To sleep better Self-hypnosis through its calming effect helps you relax, de-stress and prepare the mind and body for sleep which will help you get some decent shut-eye!

5. To stop unwanted habits When you have a nervous habit (skin picking, nail-biting, hair-pulling are examples) you tend to do these when you’re stressed, anxious, or bored. Self-hypnosis is part of the treatment you can use to swap this habit for something more helpful.

It feels comfortable, empowering absorbing, warm, it expands your mind and makes you see and feel new thoughts, opportunities.

How long does self-hypnosis take? When you decide to ‘do’ a self-hypnosis session it can be very quick once you’ve mastered how to focus and relax. That being said, a typical session will take about 20 - 30 minutes. And it’s often so delicious that you want it to be longer!

Are there any contraindications? There are no contraindications to self- hypnosis. You won’t fall into a trance from which you can’t wake. You can’t get stuck in hypnosis. You won’t do or say something that you don’t want to. If necessary, you can shift immediately from deep absorption to being alert and awake. You simply need to be in a space and time when you can relax, let go, close your eyes and concentrate deeply

What does it feel like? Everyone will have a different way of describing it because it’s such a personal experience. It feels comfortable, empowering absorbing, warm, it expands your mind and makes you see and feel new thoughts, opportunities.


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