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There isn’t a society or section thereof that is not affected by depression. Too many people are taking anti-depression-type medicines. Chances are you even know someone close to you who is battling with depression and therefore has little choice but to use such medicines.

The worst part about such prescription drugs is they may help only to get past the symptoms of depression. They are still a long way off from helping people get down to eliminating the fundamental causes of depression, to begin with. Herein lies the danger of people becoming dependent on drugs while struggling to lead a normal happy life.

The aim of the medical community when treating depression is to try and bring about a state of equilibrium in a person’s neurotransmitters. No doubt some of the medicines do prove effective. However, there are many more that do absolutely nothing for the patient other than a placebo effect. The drugs that work only help a bit over a short duration and their effectiveness is reduced as time goes on.

So definitely a more lasting solution – one that is natural and without any side effects – should be the next logical step. Here are five methods anyone can bring into their lives. All of which have a tremendously powerful impact on beating the blues.

Research has shown that the direction of our thoughts plays a significant role in the chemical balance of the brain. For instance, when we deliberately think positively, serotonin increases dramatically.

While many know that our thoughts can also affect the blood flow going to the brain. Furthermore, recently experts have learned that the way a person thinks also influences neurotransmitter levels directly in the brain. Interestingly enough a bad mood and all the feelings associated with it can be attributed to reduced neurotransmitter levels and vice versa. (, 2016)

So in a sense, if you feel down, it could be a result of low neurotransmitter activity. However, you can increase these levels by improving your mood. There are many ways in which you can boost serotonin, and heighten neurotransmitter efficiency. Meditation is a simple yet powerful means of doing both in addition to raising the amount of dopamine you have. Dopamine is another feel-good hormone that we experience in times of happiness.

Sunlight is a free and 100% natural remedy for feeling depressed. More people are realising the benefits of taking their work activities outside. In the open exposed to fresh air and the nurturing rays of the sun, it has been shown that not only was mood enhanced instantly, but people were able to increase work output and performance. Now while it may not be as easy or practical as it sounds to suddenly move all your work outside, there are creative ways you can take benefit by merely increasing your exposure to light. This will also take your serotonin levels even higher. (Gagan Virk, 2016)

Try to take breaks from your work and indulge in a quick stroll outside from time to time. In darker and colder months a few extra lights indoors can pick up your mood and help you hit depression back a further notch.

Move your body to the beat

We all know the importance of exercise and have heard about its multiple benefits. Various studies have come back with the same positive findings of how incredibly exercise can reduce the symptoms of depression. It’s also proven to quickly boost your mood for the better when you feeling under the weather.

The key is to bring exercise into your life in a way that remains enjoyable so you can stick to it over the long term. Keep your physical training fun and resist the temptation to over-train. You can consider exercise as a natural herbal medicine. Exercise is just as effective or even more so than prescription medicines and antidepressants. It’s that good for elevating your mental state and well-being.

Eat healthier and smarter

Stay away from processed foods and preservatives which are known to make one feel irritable and low on energy. Reduced energy levels also play a direct role in your emotions and thoughts. Either preventing you from feeling on top or hammering your confidence in your ability to perform at your best. This ultimately makes you feel more depressed than if you were filled and primed with energy.

Omega 3 fatty acids, in addition to being fabulous disease-fighters, go a long way to making you feel amazing throughout the day and are proven mood enhancers. (, 2016)

Surely it’s long overdue that you had a closer look at what you’re putting into your body daily. Making healthy eating a habit is a surefire way to eradicate depression from your life without the assistance of any drugs whatsoever.

Hypnotherapy can help you replace past negative experiences with newfound positivity

It is entirely natural for one to become repeatedly bothered by thoughts of failure or recurring fears about the future. This is especially true if you’ve had to go through a severely trying time or face a traumatic situation. Through the wonderful healing that takes place with hypnotherapy, you can now be hopeful that any positive attitudes you try to adopt will now settle into your mind responsively.

Hypnotherapy makes a difference because it helps you to become free of emotions that are overwhelming and generally restrictive. The methods used are empowering and nurturing, and many people have made great strides in leading happier more productive lives. Why should you not be among the happier by taking a bold step forward this time?


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