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Overcoming Shyness

Many of us are struggling with shyness or social anxiety. Overcoming shyness is a goal many people are looking for. Because overcoming this anxiety opens up more possibilities and freedom in life. In addition phobias of any type are painful, but a social phobia is particularly debilitating. This is because meeting people can rarely be avoided. In my London practice, I use hypnotherapy to help clients find ways of dealing with shyness. As well as building self-worth and confidence.

Here are 5 ways to start freeing yourself from social anxiety and shyness.

Identify Your Negative Thoughts

People who experience intense shyness usually have negative thought patterns. These thoughts can increase their fear of social interaction. You can train yourself to take a step back and stop these negative thoughts before they raise your anxiety to a destructive level. These unhelpful thoughts might include:

Mind reading – assuming you know what other people are thinking about you.

Fortune telling – attempting to predict the future based on previous bad experiences or bad things you ‘know’ will happen.

Catastrophizing – assuming the worst will always happen if you take a chance. Only entertaining the idea of the worst possible outcome.

Self-fixation – becoming overly fixated on your thoughts, behaviours and appearance and assuming others are doing the same.

Shyness and social anxiety are some of the most self-limiting conditions, affecting around 60% of the population. Is shyness preventing you from leading a normal life? Perhaps, limiting your career, relationships and social activity.

Fortunately, shyness can be treated effectively with hypnosis which can get to the root of your social anxiety and enable you to live a more fulfilling life.

Do you need help to overcome shyness?

Are you:

  • Worrying what people are thinking about you?

  • Feeling like you have nothing to offer to a conversation?

  • Fearful of dealing with people in authority?

  • Desiring to be more outgoing in life?

  • Wishing you could enjoy social situations?

Shyness problems can be successfully treated by London clinical Hypnotherapist Alix Needham.

The benefits of shyness hypnosis treatment will be:

  • No longer needing to hide in the background

  • More relaxed holding conversations with new people

  • Greater confidence and self-control in social situations

  • Asserting yourself and asking for help when needed

  • Improving motivation for reaching your goals

  • Taking control of your life and achieving greater happiness


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