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Are You Suffering From A Confidence Crisis

Is Working From Home Affecting Your Confidence?

One of the reasons cited for the lack of confidence at this time is due to people working from home. With this, many people have seen a change to their responsibilities, working environment and set-up. What’s more, the way we communicate has changed significantly. Zoom calls and chats windows make it harder for us to receive the non-verbal cues of reassurance and the regular interaction that can help when overcoming anxieties.

Whether you’re working harder at home, your responsibilities have changed, or you’re struggling with work uncertainty; there are so many factors that could be causing a confidence crisis. If you’ve noticed that your confidence has dropped from being at home, you are certainly not alone. The good news is that there are some quick and ways to give your confidence a boost when you’re working from home.

Avoid A Confidence Crisis: Top Tips To Boost Your Confidence

Play Out Your Work In Advance

If you have a virtual meeting or complex task ahead, it can help to visualise the activity before you start. Start in a quiet space and focus on your breath. Then, begin to play out the event in your mind. Place yourself in the scene as extremely calm, confident and in control. Try and bring a feeling of success to your mind. How does it feel?

Then, when it is time to complete the task for real, you’ll begin to feel that same sense of confidence and success guiding you.

Interrupt Your Thought Patterns

Whenever you feel unconfident, it shows with your body language. However, you can help to override these negative thought patterns by changing the way you present yourself. Rolling your shoulders back to sit or stand up straighter, smiling and holding your head high are all triggers for your brain to feel more positive and confident. If you show it on the outside, you begin to feel it on the inside.

Boost Your Confidence Subconsciously

Hypnosis can be an incredibly powerful tool to boost your confidence. It works by accessing your unconscious thoughts and begins to re-teach your inner voice to be helpful and supportive while breaking down those negative thought patterns. Hypnosis helps to empower you from the inside out.

Create Your Reward System

It is not always possible to receive positive feedback or support that you may usually experience at work. This means you have to set your feedback system. Developing a growth mindset when working from home is useful. With this, you accept challenges and understand that succeed or struggle, it is always an opportunity to learn and to grow your skillset.

Setting daily goals can help too. More than three goals per day are usually overwhelming, so prioritise your most important goals and then break these down into manageable tasks.

Finally, make sure you acknowledge and celebrate the wins, however small. It can help to have a ‘win board’ next to your workspace. Here, you can pin up any kind feedback or positive comments that can help reconfirm your beliefs of what a fantastic job you are doing.

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