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Intense Sexual Chemistry – How To Understand The Connection

Understanding intense sexual chemistry

Intense sexual chemistry can be exhilarating, intoxicating but also heart-wrenching. It is a complex process that is still not fully understood. While some people are aware of the spark of lust and, appreciate it for what it is. They know it is a momentary encounter sexual or otherwise, while others get swept up in a world of confusion.

The heady, dizzying feeling of intense sexual chemistry can leave people reading more into the situation than was really there. Often for those with unmet relationship needs, the lust transforms itself into a relationship. Except this occurs without the agreement of the other person which leaves people feeling hurt, used and feeling regret and embarrassment.

For others, the feeling of sexual chemistry becomes an insatiable buzz, leading people to go from one encounter to the next. With this, they are never able to enjoy a real intimacy or a longer-lasting love. Similarly, an unforgettable meeting can become the pinnacle from which nothing else lives up to, and people unfairly compare against.

How to take a brief encounter to a relationship

Of course, sexual chemistry does not have to be a fleeting affair. It can be the moment that the body falls in love before the brain catches up. As long as two people both agree to progress the relationship from the initial chemistry, it can be the perfect opportunity for growth.

What is essential to address before this is if any behavioural attachment issues may stop the couple from progressing the relationship in a healthy way. From there, partners may begin to explore looking beyond the chemistry into compatibility. With only around 30% of marriages being happy, compatibility for enduring love and ensuring boundaries is essential.

Maintaining the chemistry

In long-term relationships, the chemistry and sexual desire can understandably wain as couples go through so much together. For some, joy can be in a sexless relationship, for others, there may be a need to reignite the spark. However, there are some top tips which can help to maintain sexual chemistry;

  1. Improve sexual compatibility

Following a healthy diet, improving sleep patterns and taking regular exercise can enhance the libido. After ruling out any underlying medical problems that could be affecting the sex drive, couples should make sure to schedule quality time together.

  1. Be responsive, outside of the bedroom

Scientists have found that people can maintain sexual desire when their partner understands their emotional needs. They can feel like they invest deeply in the relationship. It is believed this intimacy is one of the best ways to maintain the sensation of intense sexual chemistry.

  1. Add excitement

If both partners feel stuck in a rut, then they should look for adventure. This does not need to be swinging from the chandeliers. However, changing the location of where partners have sex can significantly enhance excitement levels.

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