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Hypnotherapy for Confidence Works and Restoring Self-esteem

Confidence is a positive feeling arising from an appreciation of one’s abilities, which means that you’re able to beat all the challenges in your life! Acting confidence teaches your subconscious, a new behaviour, in a natural way that integrates into your way of life. We need confidence in ALL areas of our life, from getting up in the morning until we go to bed at night every day. Hypnotherapy for confidence releases the confidence. We face many different challenges from relationships, work, health, education, finance and planning the future. If we don’t have confidence we can find that thing throw us off track, slow us down and cause anxiety. Using hypnotherapy for the confidence we can help you to release old beliefs and to change your current behaviour.

Using Hypnotherapy for Confidence

We use hypnotherapy for confidence with many clients

  • Social Anxiety

  • Dating

  • Interviews

  • Lack of confidence

  • Public speaking

  • Presentations

  • Driving test nerves

  • Low self-esteem

  • Pre-test nerves

  • Exam pressures

  • Stage fright

  • Shyness Fear of rejection

  • Fear of driving

How can hypnotherapy for confidence help you?

Hypnotherapy for confidence helps challenge negative thought processes and limiting beliefs and can eliminate self-doubt allowing you to generate a more positive future, improving self-image and increasing determination. Lack of confidence can be rooted in negative experiences as a child or teenager, or significant difficult events in our adult life. If these negative experiences are not dealt with they can set a precedent for future achievement. It can be beneficial to pinpoint the initial sensitising event of the confidence problem and use hypnotherapy for confidence to change negative thought processes.

Using a verity of therapeutic techniques CBT, NLP and EFT with the integrative on of hypnotherapy render it a highly successful way to identify and understand depression and behavioural traits that might be causing and maintaining the client's depression. Cognitive Hypnotherapy gets to the root cause of the depression problem and changes the perception patterns. EFT empowers the client to feel calm in control and manage negative emotions.

Clients often report beneficial changes in other areas of their life in addition to the concern for which they originally sought help for, these may benefit can include (amongst others), improved sleep, the ability to relax and a general sense of wellbeing, the ease to be present and enjoy Lifeless distracted by thoughts. There are a whole host of additional changes possible with Hypnotherapy, as client’s issues can block to the ability to be calm, centred and carefree, once the primary issue is addressed the block can naturally and easily dissipate.

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