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Positive Habits for a Healthy Relationship

According to statistics 48% relationships break up are by email - sending an email to break up can have a devastating impact emotionally on the other person. People are human beings and have feelings, be mindful of any types of fall outs.'Think before YOU act'.

Each partner takes responsibility for personal growth for staying in an adult ego state. This means each person works towards self-love, self-protection, self-care, self-containment, and self-identification.

Choose your words carefully in order to communicate effectively, pay attention to the words your partner uses and mirror them back to them. Ask questions, listen and HEAR your partner’s response, this indicates to your partner that you are acknowledging your partner in a natural way. Notice what your partner responds well to.

Body Language - be consistent with your message. It is important that you match your message with your body energy and intention, If what you are doing isn’t getting you the result you want then YOU change your style in communication. Take control of your delivery of the message. Don’t blame the other person. Keep trying new ways until you get the response you want.

The more comfortable you are with yourself and your own life, the abler you are to accept your partner for who they are neither of you needs to manipulate, control or force your partner into being a certain way so the other one manipulating can be comfortable, each partner can communicate simply and directly.

Make clear direct statements about needs for intimacy and support. Set the boundary about what is OK with you and what isn’t. If you are not happy say so, if you want something to say so. The best relationships work when both people take 100% responsibility. Be honest with each other in a caring way. The best relationships are a two-way exchange.

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