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Fertility And Childbirth

Approximately 15% of a couple living in the United Kingdom have experienced ‘fertility’

There may be physical, physiological, or biochemical reasons why that is so for some, but many will be diagnosed as having ‘non-specific infertility’, as there seems to be no obvious reason why the couple cannot conceive.

Hypnotherapy can prove to be very successful for couples in this situation, and there is an expected success rate of 40-45% of live births within a year, after 4 to 10 sessions of hypnosis. Many couples are coming to childbirth later in life. More now probably having lived their lives to the full in their twenties and some into their thirties. This can sometimes cause concern for women, and men, thinking they have left it too late or may have compromised their fertility with high living. One of the know factors about wanting to become pregnant is the 'Law of Reversed effect'. Rather like trying to get to sleep - the more we think about it the more difficult it seems to get. Once the couple relaxes and just concentrate on living a happy healthy life they are probably more easily able to conceive. We have all heard stories of couples who stopped trying or adopted a child and then went on to have babies of their own.

A 1992 study found that women who undertook hypnotherapy therapy experienced a higher conception rate as compared to those who only participated in Invitro Fertilisation programmes. These women also found they had decreased levels of depression and anxiety. Hypnotherapy can be surprisingly and delightfully successful for the couple who want to conceive where there is no obvious physical problem for either of them.

Hypnosis for childbirth is also very powerful. The underlying theme of hypnotherapy is calmness, confidence and relaxation. It will help the Mother relax and have a sense of peace and tranquillity, which will pass through to the baby so that both feel more in harmony with each other. The teaching of self-hypnosis and pain control will help the Mother and the partner breath through the birth, and shift the focus on to a successful and joyful birth. Sue has worked with many women who may have had a difficult or unpleasant and painful first birth. She helps them reframe their thinking and look forward to the arrival of their next child.

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