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There has been a lot mentioned in the media of the report from England’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, which has warned that obesity is the biggest threat to women’s health. She claims that it is also putting the health of future generations at jeopardy and needs to be tackled now.

Although several factors are leading to obesity, most cases of it are the result of lifestyle choices specifically of a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. In a study, it was found out that obese people tend to have more servings of high-calorie but low-nutrient food. In another study, researchers have found out that obese individuals are also frequent smackers.

In previous years, health and nutrition experts have advised us to eat frequently to lose weight. So, in addition to the three meals we have each day, we have morning and afternoon snacks. And we think that it’s okay not until reports have revealed that frequent snacking can also be a culprit of the growing obesity problem. Americans, who also have a problem with obesity, have shown in a study to be eating more frequently than they did years ago.

The Science Behind Frequent Snacking

Cravings have played a significant role in one’s tendency to snack frequently. Thanks to science, what used to be a confusing phenomenon has now an explanation.

Based on studies conducted, one’s cravings can be attributed to several factors including brain mechanism, stress, and emotions.

In a study done by researchers at Imperial College London, it was found out that a certain brain mechanism can be responsible for one’s cravings with sweet and starchy food. The team hypothesized that a particular enzyme called glucokinase may have a role to play in one’s desire for sweet food. Since the level of this enzyme varies from person to person, one’s desire for sweet and starchy food also differs.

This is why hypnosis is so good for losing weight – it gets rid of all the negative things in our memory bank about eating and food and we can replace them with new, correct suggestions about being motivated to exercise and to stick to our healthy eating regime. We use CTB with the integration of hypnotherapy. The aim of hypnosis for weight loss is to help you feel confident about your body, change negative thoughts about eating and help you lose weight responsibly. By targeting the unconscious mind with powerful suggestion techniques helping develop a positive relationship with food, which is key to healthy weight loss and long-term weight management.

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