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Hypnotherapy is a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis. Psychotherapy is sometimes referred to as ‘talking treatment’. It uses personal interaction to enhance the impact of psychological tools to bring about change in a person’s mental health and wellbeing.

Mind Ability Hypnotherapy specialises in solution-focused hypnotherapy. Unlike other forms of therapy (which are credible but may not suit everyone) we do not focus on the past or problem in order to move forward. Think of it as a car journey from A to B. Techniques are based on the latest neuroscience. This helps us immensely to understand how anxiety, depression and other conditions are created. More importantly, how the client can improve their well-being.

Neuroscience has shown when the left prefrontal cortex is in control, we seek solutions. This area of the brain does not create negative emotional responses associated with anxiety, depression, phobias, PTSD, OCD etc. This part of the brain is rational and makes informed decisions. There is another part of the brain – the limbic system led by the amygdala. The amygdala is responsible for creating the fight/flight or freeze response. Either the limbic system or the intellectual area (left prefrontal cortex) is in control – they are not capable of sharing.

Making Positive Changes

What are the benefits of Hypnotherapy?

  • Hypnotherapy can help tackle a variety of emotional and physical issues, which include anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, smoking and many others

  • You are likely to feel the impact of Hypnotherapy compared to conventional therapy

  • A successful natural alternative method with no side effects

  • Your confidence and self-belief will flourish

  • Cost-effective as you will learn lifelong skills

  • Sleep will improve leading to better decision making and emotional management

Positive Changes

Hypnotherapy for anxiety depression, phobias, and OCD works by effectively re-setting your anxiety level to ‘healthy’. It clears your subconscious of the negative and unhealthy beliefs that drive your anxiety. With our tailored Hypnotherapy sessions, you will learn to respond to life without becoming anxious or depressed. You'll regulate your emotions more effectively so that you remain relaxed in situations that would typically trigger your anxiety attacks. Hypnotherapy helps your mind to relax and will help you to regain confidence, enthusiasm, and motivation in your daily life.

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