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Ever Since Prince Harry

In the interview, Harry and Meghan said a mutual friend—whom they declined to name, out of respect for her privacy—had introduced them. They went on two dates in July 2016, and after three or four weeks, Harry said, "I managed to persuade her to come and join me in Botswana. We camped out with each other under the stars." They spent five days in Africa, "which was fantastic." It gave them a chance to be by themselves, away from the world, Harry said, "which was crucial to me to make sure that we had a chance to get to know each other. "This wasn't just any set-up, either—it was a blind date. "It's so interesting because we talk about it now, and even know because I'm from the States, you don't grow up with this same understanding of the royal family," Meghan said. "I now understand very clearly: there's a global interest there. I didn't know much about him, and so the only thing I had asked her when she said she wanted to set us up was...'Is he nice?' Because if he wasn't kind, it just didn't seem like it would make sense. And so we went and met for a drink, and then I think very quickly into [our first date] we said, 'What are we doing tomorrow? We should meet again. 'It was like, 'Right! Diaries! We need to get the diaries out and find out how we're going to make this work,'" Harry said, jumping in. "Because I was off to Africa for a month and she was working. We just said, 'Right, where's the gap?' And the gap happened to be the perfect place."

For the first six months, they kept their budding relationship under wraps, giving them time to "connect" on a deeper level. During their courtship, Meghan said, "We never went longer than two weeks without seeing each other, even though we were doing a long-distance relationship." Despite his royal responsibilities and her TV filming schedule, "We made it work. "Just as she'd known little about Harry, he knew little about her before their first date. "I'd never even heard about her until this friend said 'Meghan Markle.' I was like, 'Right? OK, right. Give me a bit of background? Like, what going on here?'" Harry recalled as Meghan laughed. "So, no, I'd never...I'd never watched Suits. I never heard of Meghan before, and I was beautifully surprised when I walked into that room and saw her. There she was, sitting. I was like 'OK, well, I'm going to have to up my game [and] have a sit-down and make sure I've got good chat.'"

The unfamiliarity worked in their favour. "I think for both of us, it was refreshing," Meghan explained, "because given that I didn't] know a lot about him, everything I've learned about him, I learned through him—as opposed to having grown up around different news stories or tabloids or whatever else. Anything I learned about his family was what he would share with me, and vice versa. It was just an authentic and organic way to get to know each other."

Harry added, "It was hugely refreshing to be able to get to know someone who isn't necessarily within your circle, doesn't know much about me, I don't know much about her, so to be able to start almost afresh...taking that huge leap of only two dates and going on holiday together in the middle of nowhere...It was amazing to get to know her [in those circumstances]."

The proposal happened a few weeks ago at their cottage in Kensington Palace. "It was a cosy night," Meghan told the BBC. "We were roasting chicken. It was just an amazing surprise. It was so sweet and natural and very romantic. He got down on one knee." Her fiancé chimed in, "It was a nice moment—it was just the two of us. I think I managed to catch her by surprise." Meghan, still giddy over the romantic gesture, leaned into her soon-to-be husband and recalled, "As a matter of fact, I could barely let you finish proposing! I said, 'Can I say yes now!'" "She didn't even let me finish. She said, 'Can I say yes? Can I say yes?' Then were hugs, and I had the ring in my finger, and I was like, 'Can I give you the ring?'" Harry said with a smile. "She goes, 'Oh! Yes! The ring!'" Later, Meghan said she wouldn't call theirs a "whirlwind romance," despite how it may look to the public. "I think we were able to have so much time just to connect, and we never went longer than two weeks without seeing each other, even though we were doing a long-distance relationship, " she explained. "So, it's...we made it work."

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially announced their engagement, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is an American member of the British royal family and former seems as though everyone began clamouring for new information about the Suits star and that curiosity hasn’t let up since her royal wedding. However, the newest member of the royal family wasn’t always in the spotlight.

At one point she was just a regular kid, eating popcorn and watching The Simpsons in the 1990s like everyone else.

It seems that Meghan and her father, Tom together is too cute for words.

You might be surprised to learn that he’s won Emmy awards for his work as a lighting director, so maybe that’s where his daughter realized that she belonged on screen? He’s worked on shows like The Facts of Life and General Hospital, although he’s no longer in that field. Impressive though, right?

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