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Improve Confidence In 5 Steps

There are many actions that we can take to improve confidence. It can be a difficult process because it needs persistence and very often we might be going against limiting beliefs that we have which need to be changed during the process. But improving confidence can have incredible benefits. After all, confidence is one of the most prominent features of our personality. It actually moulds how we are perceived by others. It plays a great role not only in defining our nature but also inflicts upon our appearance.

It’s all in the posture

We often hear beauty being skin deep but let’s face the obvious; you cannot look beautiful if you don’t feel beautiful. It’s all a matter of perception. We can make a statement by the way we sit, stand, walk or talk. Make sure you do it right. Body language is very important in projecting your confidence. If you are confident but it looks otherwise from your appearance it won’t make you as effective.

First step is to get the posture right. If you stand straight with an open chest it immediately makes the difference. It will make you stand tall amongst the crowd. A good posture brings significance to a person’s presence. Make your presence count, be it in the way you sit, stand or walk. Appearing confident will also bring you one step closer to discovering your hidden confidence as the more you ‘fake’ your body language to appear confident the more you actually teach yourself how to be confident until it becomes your second nature.

Don’t compare yourself to others

You are unique and by acknowledging your uniqueness you also realise that you have your own place in the society. We all do things differently; it doesn’t mean that one way is better than the other. It’s just different. Own up to the differences. Everyone has a different struggle in life; hence don’t make it worse by comparing yourself to others. Be yourself, no one in the world can do that job better than you. Accept your faults as it will only help you grow. Be happy with who you are and confidence will follow right in. Comparing will only make you feel miserable.

Take action to improve confidence

A positive ‘Can Do!’ attitude is one of the best ways how to improve confidence. Taking control of your actions will help you overcome the fears that you face. Your fears are not greater than your actions; you need to get control of your life and control your fear rather than it controlling you. If my clients have a public speaking phobia; I work with them in developing techniques that help them to confront their fears. For one to overcome the fear of public it is necessary that they actually get out there and speak in public. There is no other practical way to get rid of this phobia. It may feel ironic but as my clients start to put themselves out there more and more; they start to enjoy it a lot. It can be the limelight or the confidence boost. Hence taking action and controlling your fear will bring a lot of positive change to your personality. And yes, you are very much capable of achieving all that you


Surround yourself with people who make you feel good

Discovering your confidence can be difficult if you are surrounded by negative energy. This can be in the form of people who are always bringing you down and never have anything good to say. Break out of the negativity and surround yourself with positive people and a positive environment. This will lead you to feeling confident and boost your self-esteem, because you will have people around you that encourage you, not criticise you.

Be Kind to Others

Everyone in this world is struggling to make our way around this world. All our struggles may end up inflicting upon our behaviours toward others. A few might have had it easy while others may have had to go through difficulties to get somewhere in life. Whenever you come across someone criticising you; avoid jumping to conclusion. Rather take a step back and think over what it may be that makes this person act out in such a way. Every so often the people who try to undermine others are being circled by their own insecurities. Typically people who are loud and aggressive tend to have a lot of self-doubt buried within.

On the contrary an introvert can be very confident with attitude that being confident doesn’t imply being loud. Confidence is a quality that dwells in each of us. It’s just a matter of unearthing it. We need to make peace with how we are and feel self-confident about it.If you are in need of help to improve confidence or to boost your self-esteem then feel welcome to book appiontment with Hypnowellbeing.

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