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Adolescence is a time of transition between childhood and adulthood. It includes some big changes to the body, and to the way, a young person relates to the world.

The many physical, sexual, cognitive, social, and emotional changes that happen during this time can bring anticipation and anxiety for both children and their families. Understanding what to expect at different stages can promote healthy development throughout adolescence and into early adulthood.

How To Help Your Children with Adolescence

Children and their parents often struggle with changing dynamics of family relationships during adolescence. But parents are still supported throughout this time.

Here are some things you can do

Help your child anticipate changes in his or her body. Learn about puberty and explain what's ahead.

Leave room for questions and allow children to ask them at their own pace. Talk to your paediatrician when needed.

Start early conversations about other important topics. Maintain open communication about healthy relationships.

Keep conversations with your child positive. Point out strengths. Celebrate successes.

Be supportive and set clear limits with high (but reasonable) expectations. Communicate clear, reasonable expectations for curfews, school engagement, media use, and behaviour, for example, at the same time, gradually expanding opportunities for more independence over time as your child takes on responsibility. Youth with parents that aim for this balance has been shown to have lower rates of depression and drug use.

Honour independence and individuality. This is all part of moving into early adulthood. Always remind your child you are there to help when needed. Maintaining positive and respectful parent child relationships during this period.


Resilience can be described as an emotional muscle which we all have. With determination and practice can develop and strengthen it even further. Being aware of why we need it and how important it is can encourage us to work on increasing it.

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