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A Women

Her oceans vast and wide. Her borders full of depth so deep.

A peaceful beautiful shelter comforting warmth inner peace safe to keep. A Healer teacher.

Her wisdom In Many things. Her heart is her only strengths. Ever endless limitless Suspended desire to protect.

Within her breast. Comforts suckling natures natural springs of Life. Unconditionally she will Love. That beacons light shine Truths of faith,

Her patience without measure. Limitless is her labouring. Her every fabric designed for her strengths.

Beneath her silent swansong. A Unheard silent Hero awakes to face each day..

Profound her counsel guides continuously keeps. Her tears often silent running down beneath the brushes of deceit.

In her Sorrow dark places scenes of Life. Showered with Heavy brimstone unrewarding. Unfair & unkind

Yet comes what may forever strong unrepentant shall she struggle on To Fighting for another Day.

Disciplined in despite.

Forever spreading light. Eloquently offering words of encouragement wisdom.

Hidden beneath smiles. But within her eyes there is sorrow. She smiles.

Acknowledging her worth her mind. She shall suit for her suckling’s. Insightful for tomorrow many moments away. A Mother A sister A Daughter A friend A Lover A Wife All as important!! All as Bright. A WOMEN; Symbolizes Motherhood thus motherly natured strength. Unconditional rewarding Love without measure Limitless profound understanding Perseverance Determination Courage & Pride A Women~

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